Maritme Museum Excursion

Our Stage 1 excursion on Friday 15th June was a most wonderful day. The weather was glorious, the Maritime Museum was very engaging and educational, the parent helpers were fantastic and everyone had a great time. After arriving we had morning tea and then began our tours. Half the group began in the Museum with tour guides and the other half began touring the HMAS Vampire (the last of the country's big gun ships) and the HMAS Onslow (Submarine).  

In the Museum the students learnt a range of things, including learning about Kay Cottee, the first woman to sail the world solo. Another fascinating part of the Museum was the James Cameron "Challenging the Deep" exhibition. The children were mesmerised learning about the submersible vessel he designed and went to the depths of the ocean in. 

We were then able to explore the HMAS Vampire and HMAS Onslow. It was a very unique and exciting experience to be able to go on board these vessels and see the inner workings and living environments. 

Overall we had a fantastic day and I hope the kids came home with exciting recounts of their excursion