Read to Self

The students in 1/2H absolutely love reading, it’s one of our favourite parts of the day. We read to ourselves, to our friends, to friends in other classes, to parents, to Mrs Leake and to our teacher Mrs Harris. We read picture books like Giraffes Can’t Dance and Information books like Marine Minibeasts. When we are doing Read to Self, we remember to have our book box with us with lots of interesting books in it to read including our Good Fit Books. They are books that are just right for us and have words that we can read. We choose where we would like to sit and we may also choose the flexible seating options. There are small and large cushions to sit or lay on. There are wobble seats to sit on, chairs or squishy balls too. Sometimes we choose to read with our book on the easel or on Mrs Harris’s big chairs. We then choose a Good Fit Book to read.  We remember to keep our eyes on our book, stay in one spot and build our stamina. Mrs Harris sets the timer and we try to break our record. Would u believe we are already up to 22 minutes and 40 seconds and it’s only Term Two. 1/2H are reading SUPERSTARS!